Cartesian robots

A wide variety of Cartesian robots, XY-X series, with appropriate performance meeting the customers’ needs.

01 XY-X Series

Offering a full lineup of Cartesian robots that come with just the right performance and size to match user needs & ideal for
diverse spectrum of job tasks.

An electric actuator composed of 2 to 6 slide axes that are orthogonal to one another.
Enhanced arm variations and functionalities ranging from a compact and low price arm to an arm applicable to the heavy object
transfer and long distance transfer are available to respond to a wide variety of the customers’ needs. 
This electric actuator is used in a wide variety of applications, such as assembly, machining, insertion, take-out, handling,
and packaging of small precision machine components, automotive components, and electronic components for board mounting.

Al. Kazimierza Wielkiego 6e, 87-800 Włocławek, Poland
Tel. +48 601 592 55554 231 10 05, Fax: +48 54 411 25 56 

Al. Kazimierza Wielkiego 6e
87-800 Włocławek, Poland
Tel. +48 601 592 55554 231 10 05
Fax: +48 54 411 25 56 

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